Product Feedback

Fider can help you collect and prioritize product feedback so that you can focus on building the right product.

How Fider works

Three simple steps to understand the workflow

1 Setup Create a new feedback site for your product. Customize it with your own logo, colors and text.
2 Collect Invite your customers to your new Fider site. They'll be able to suggest new ideas, submit feature requests or report issues they have with your product.
3 Deliver Keep your customers in the loop by responding to their suggestions. Customers will be notified of any new action on their topics of interest.


What's included?

Share ideas, vote and discuss Give voice to your community, get valuable suggestions and prioritize what they need the most.
Keep everyone informed Whenever you start, complete or decline a suggestion, Fider will notify everyone that subscribed to that topic.
One click sign in Visitores are only one click away from contributing! Sign in via Facebook, Google, GitHub, Azure AD, Twitch, Discord or any other OAuth2 provider.
Private Site You can choose to control access to your site by making it Private.
Your Brand Leverage our powerful custom CSS feature to style Fider the way you want. Your logo, your colors, your identity.
Public API Leverage our complete API and have total control to integrate Fider into your process.
Organize your content Tag your content to make it easier to find, group and decide. Tags can be either Public or Private.
Your own domain When using our hosted service, you can use your own domain and get a free TLS certificate to keep it secure.
Open Source Our code is 100% Open Source. Visit getfider/fider on GitHub.

Get Feedback. Get Fider.

Are you ready to give it try?

Which is right for you?

Fider is open source and it will always be free, but we also know that time is more valuable than money.

Our cloud service provides affordable hosting packages where we take care of the hosting, availability and all of the maintenance and upgrades, plus you get priority support for any issues that might come up.

Starter is a low cost plan to help you to get started with collecting feedback and getting to know our platform.

Once you grown and are happy with our service, you can then upgrade to the Business plan and enjoy the same set of features with unlimited users!

With the Self-Hosted option you can take total control over the data, but requires time and knowledge to host and maintain Fider within your own servers.

Send us an email with any questions!

Self-Hosted Starter Business
Price Self-Hosted: FREE Starter: $9 /mo * Business: $39 /mo *
Max Tracked Users Anyone that submit a post, vote or a comment on your feedback site Self-Hosted: Unlimited Starter: 200 Business: Unlimited
Max Posts Any feature requests, bug reports, suggestions, etc Self-Hosted: Unlimited Starter: Unlimited Business: Unlimited
Feedback Site Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Private Site When enabled, only invites users are able to view and submit feedback Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Custom Domain Use your own domain or our free subdomain on *
Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Custom CSS/Branding Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
All Features Included Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Global CDN Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Priority Support Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Hosting Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Automatic Upgrades Self-Hosted: Starter: Business:
Self-Hosted: Learn how Starter: Sign up Business: Sign up
* free during our open trial period. Enjoy it! 😊