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Let your customers share, vote and discuss on suggestions they have to make your product or company even better.


Share ideas, vote and discuss

Let your customers decide what you should work on. Use Fider to give voice to your community.

Keep everyone informed

Whenever you decide to start, complete or decline an idea, send an update on Fider so that everyone is aware of what's going on.

One click sign in

No forms. No hurdles.
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Social login via GitHub, Facebook and Google.

Organize your content

Hundreds of ideas require organization and you can do so by tagging them to make it easier to find, group and decide.

Each tag can be either Public or Private.

Your own domain, secure

When using our hosted service, you can use your own domain and get a free TLS certificate to help keep it secure.

Lightning fast

Performance is a feature and we take every aspect of it very seriously. Happier visitors. Healthier servers.

Customer-First Experience

We believe that an easy to use and clean platform is the way to collect better feedback.

Open Source

Our code is 100% Open Source.
Visit getfider/fider on GitHub.

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