Why is Fider open source?

Fider was born on December/2016 as a simple hobby project to learn a few new technologies. The goal was to create a simple and free alternative to some very expensive SaaS offerings available.

The code is on GitHub, it has GPL-3.0 license, and is accepting contributions.

What about the Hosted Service?

After working on Fider for a few months we realized it had great potential to be used by those who prefer to use it as a Service instead of self-hosting it. So in June/2017 we launched our hosted service, known as Fider.io.

As of today, the hosted service is completely free so that we can gather feedback and continuously improve the product and service. We might introduce an affordable paid plan in the future to help us pay the monthly costs. If you’d like to help us to shape the future of the hosted service, join the discussion on Hosted Version Future Plans and let us know what you think about it.